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Born and raised in New Jersey, Tenishia currently resides in Georgia. She is the proud mother of one son (another preceded her in death) and a grandson. As a result of experiencing years of childhood sexual abuse, not being secure in her identity or knowing her life's purpose, imposter syndrome, low-self-esteem and other issues. Tenishia made up her mind to change the trajectory of her life. Tenishia is an advocate for counseling and healing ministries as it has helped her during the lowest moments of her life.  In addition, to counseling and healing ministries, Tenishia had the assistance of a Life Coach to help her navigate life circumstances. Therefore, she knows the value of life coaching firsthand.

Tenishia B. Lester is a Certified International Master Life/Business Coach, Certified International Christian Coach,  Certified Pastoral Counselor, Author, and Speaker. 

Tenishia B. Lester Enterprises, LLC enables Tenishia to coach entrepreneurial minded women who are ready to overcome self-defeating mindsets and behaviors to become more self-aware to live tenacious bold lives. 


Her book Arrested Development: A Journey to Discovering Identity and Purpose was penned and birthed during her healing process. Tenishia's heart behind her book is to provide a resource that gives insight and hope to those who are or have experienced childhood trauma, life challenges and/or lack of identity and purpose.

Tenishia realized that her struggles were not for her during her healing process, but for the uplifting of others. With a heart to lead and serve, Tenishia finds joy in enlightening, empowering, encouraging and teaching others how to change their story. Tenishia is passionate and committed to seeing others win. Her compassionate caring ways and her listening ear positions Tenishia as one who is sought out by many to assist them by providing wisdom and guidance in life. Her creativity has afforded women with businesses to create products and services, to enhance revenue.

As an introvert turned ambivert, Tenishia has learned that there is power in her voice, by sharing her story for the purpose of empowering others. Beginning in 2019, Tenishia has been requested to speak at events for others, as well as during her own events such as: retreats, virtual events, conferences, summits, a mentoring group for young ladies, and a popular Facebook Talk show in the Bahamas; The Conversation with Shenique Miller. Coaches within her network often call upon her to appear as a guest to teach or collaborate within their communities, on various topics. Tenishia has also been featured on podcasts, publications and as a guest blogger. 

Tenishia is proof of what freedom looks like and that you too can overcome adversity.

Her Motto is "’s a whole journey, not a destination;" one that she is committed to going on with others.



Because I am a life long student.

  • Certified International Master Life and Business Coach 

  • Certified International Christian Coach     (Rebranding My Life International Coaching Academy)

  • Certified Pastoral Counselor (Tennessee Valley Ministry Institute)

  • Senior Freedom Coach (Torace Solomon Ministries)

  • Rebranding My Life International Coaching Academy Instructor

  • Cornell University Certificate in Women's Entrepreneurship 

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 Author and Speaker

As an Author and Coach Tenishia has been afforded the opportunity to speak as well as be featured on various platforms. Her most recent feature was in a publication ShoutOut DFW 

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  • Arrested Development: A Journey to Discovering Identity and Purpose

  • Anatomy of a Word Curse eBook

  • Beyond the Book Media -Author of the Year 2019

  • Women Entrepreneur Prayers: Strategic Prayers to Rebrand Your Life and Business (Co-Author)



  • Beyond the Book Media- Author's Panel Discussion

  • Dear Single Momma Podcast

  • Worldly Church Girl Podcast

  • Rebranding My Life's -Girl Talk and Dine

  • Broken Silence Ministries AIRMSK Retreat & Conference

  • Behind Her Eyes Mentoring-Wellness & Empowerment

  • She's More Now-Restore Your Roar Live Summit (twice)

  • DeeDee Moreland- Narcissistic Abuse Table Talk Panel

  • TSM Cultivate Community-Guest Instructor

  • Bloomfield-Gilead Recreation Center Feature Series


As a Conference Host:

  • Unashamed Sexual Abuse Survivors Summit 2020

  • RIZE Virtual Conference 2020


Tenishia is a very relatable coach. She is very knowledgeable of the materials she presents and she is dedicated to deliver quality services to her client. She is direct in her approach and has a strong desire to see her clients win.

Shaundra Woods-Straughter, Educator & Certified Coach


I have done some group coaching sessions before but not of this magnitude. The activities made me take a deeper look at some areas of my life. At one point I cried because I felt so defeated looking at my age and where I am in my life. I really had different plans for myself at this juncture. Coach T reminded me that age was only a number and I was still able to accomplish my goals with consistent work and accountability. She encouraged me to dream and "do". Definitely my mindset has shifted and I am working with my husband to produce a better outcome and income for our family. I look forward to more mentorship opportunities of this nature. Grateful for a new beginning.🙏🏾

Yolanda Johnson, Educator

Nassau, Bahamas

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