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'Rona discipline or time

I pray that during this time of quarantine you and your family are well and taking the proper precautions for physical distancing and sanitizing. It has been an interesting few weeks I would say. With schools closing, new work from home guidelines, layoffs and terminations everything is topsy turvy. I suppose like anything else; perspective may just be the key. This is not to make light of anyone’s situation. I am sure there had to be adjustments made on the behalf of most. However, here is why I say perspective is key. I have had several conversations prior to #COVID-19 and most people repeatedly stated that there were things that they wanted to do or complete but felt as though they did not have ample time. So, I began to ask those same people what were their excuses now? I truly believe that this time off can and will either make you or break you! Point blank and a double period. Consider these scenarios: you wanted to take a class, start a business, learn a new skill, organize your house, spend time with family or quality time with significant others. I think you can see where I am going with this. What better time than the present? I mean you have plenty of time now. I know for me; I am normally on the go at times and the physical distancing began for me two weeks prior to the shut down and restrictions. No, I do not have the #Ronavirus! Towards the end of January, I felt a deep urge, if you will, to put somethings into place and to ensure that they were completed by the end of Q1. Now I had no clue as most, that this quarantine would occur. So, I began to compile a to do list. Whew... that alone is a story! I promise you as soon as I completed one list another one was waiting in the wings to be compiled. I am working on my third list. It’s like I never did anything productive. Throw in a couple of classes as well and it has been very busy to say the least. But I will not complain. I have accomplished more in a 30-day time frame than I did in a few months. I said all of that to say, many people will not be returning to their traditional jobs. Whether that is by choice or not. This is the time to reevaluate what is in your hands. Many people will be looking to start the businesses that they have always wanted, chase the dreams unfulfilled. Now is the time to monetize those gifts and callings. If you have not accomplished anything by the time this is over, it wasn’t a lack of time as you thought, it was a lack of discipline. What can you do now to ensure the life you always envisioned?

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