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Where has time gone?

It has been over a year since I last wrote a blog post. It seems like forever, and I guess in some aspects it has been. Everyone has endured plenty within this last year, given the pandemic, politics and social injustice. It is my sincere prayer that you and your family are doing well and have remained as healthy and safe as possible during this time.

Since I last wrote, so many things have transpired. I have taken the time to learn and grow while being unable to go as much I was used to. I must say that it was a welcomed break at first to not have to be up and down the highway. Now I just find an excuse to hit the highway and blow the dust off my car's engine.

Over this last year, I have discovered that I am rather multidimensional. I have taught & created classes for myself, delved into technology like zoom and other streaming platforms. I have been called in to speak on various podcasts, conferences, classes and summits. I never saw that coming! In fact I just wrapped up a 5-night virtual retreat, that was amazing. And will be starting a 6-month program on June, 7th.

If you had any ambitions of learning specific skills, this pandemic was the prime time to do so. I also found that many people took this time to make home improvements and to become reacquainted with family and friends.

I pray that you were not among those that lost loved ones, but unfortunately, that is not a statement that is realistic to say, but nonetheless. I too lost some loved ones, while they were not of immediate family a loss is a loss. I just pray that you were able and willing to be vaccinated by now.

Honestly, I was not willing at first. I did a little research and made a decision. But I will tell you that my decision was heavily based on having a mother who is immunocompromised. My doubt was outweighed by the need to ensure her safety. I wish we would all take others into consideration when weighing the option. Now that life is moving forward and everyone is circulating more, I pray that everyone takes the proper precautions.

Now it is time to get back to business with regular posts and valuable content. Let's start Q3 off right. If there is any content you would like to see feel free to leave a comment.

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