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I invite you to share in this journey with me as I discuss various topics that concerns identity, purpose and healing.

It is my sincere wish to help assist those that have endured childhood trauma which have led to lost identity and lack of purpose. I know what is like to wander through life simply existing and not truly living.

I want you to understand that yes, I am a Christian and I will be coming from that perspective. Why, because I know that it works, I am a living witness and testimony. I tried it the way that society says or advises and that was not the answer for me. Having said that, I also know what religion tells you also, my perspective is not religious, there is a difference. I also know that religion often does not give practicality to that which we face or have questions. Been there done that and prayed about it.

So, while yes, I will give you Bible, I most assuredly will also give you practical principles! I am a firm believer that you can preach all day long and give scriptures but what good is it if it’s not understood and there are no “take home” applications.

Finally, I will always share my heart and story because I understand that people need to be able to connect with you, (i.e.) me in this case.

Stay tuned...feel free to leave feedback and suggestions of topics you would like to discuss.

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